AYUSH Hospitals Accreditation Programme



Ayush Accreditation Programme

AYUSH Hospitals Accreditation Programme:AYUSH Hospital Accreditation Program started in 2009, is running in association with Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India. It encompasses relevant & comprehensive quality assurance standards for each system i.e. Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Homoeopathy Hospitals and Panchakarma clinics and has separate accreditation standards as per their individual system of medicine and requirements. These are in natural alignment to the Hospital Standards, with a community focus.

Outline of NABH AYUSH Hospital Standards

Patient Centered Standards
a) Access, Assessment and Continuity of Care(AAC)
b) Care of Patient (COP)
c) Hospital Infection Control(HIC)
d) Management of Medication(MOM)
e) Patient Right and Education(PRE)

Organization Centered Standards
a) Continuous Quality Improvement(CQI)
b) Responsibilities of Management(ROM)
c) Facility Management and Safety(FMS)
d) Human Resource Management(HRM)
e) Information Management System (IMS)

Benefits of Accreditation

a) Improved level of community confidence and trust
b) Safety and quality into focus
c) Roadmap for standardization d) Patient centered culture
e) Systems oriented approach
f) Improved patient satisfaction levels
g) Improved health outcomes
h) External recognition
i) Enhanced reputation
j) Insurance coverage

Who can apply?
All the AYUSH Hospitals with at least 10 in-patient beds strength, standalone or otherwise, established for inpatient care and day care therapeutic procedures/interventions for diseases or disorders with indicated procedures.

Ayurveda Yoga & Naturopathy Unani Siddha Homeopathy Panchakarma Clinic
>10 beds All Yoga and Naturopathy centers >10 beds >10 beds >10 beds >1 Panchakarma therapy table

How to apply for accreditation?

All aspiring healthcare organizations desirous to achieve accreditation can apply online by registering on the NABH website.

How much is the Fees?

Fees towards accreditation depend on the size of the healthcare organization. To view the complete feestructure please visit important links on NABH website followed by fee structure under quick links.

Are there any trainings conducted for the programme?
NABH conducts various training and awareness programmes round the year on a regular basis. It is advisable that the staff of aspirant healthcare organizations attend Training Programme on Implementation (POI) for better understanding the standards.

How to procure a copy of the standards?

The standards can be purchased online and the hard copy of the standard shall be dispatched to the address submitted while purchasing the same.




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